The Baby Class Sensory Bag

The Baby Class Sensory Bag

In the Baby Class Sensory Bag you will find everything you need to recreate a sensory class at home. 


Feel the texture of the scarf, wave them up and down, and play peak a boo.


Let your baby feel the sensation of the pom pom over their skin whilst singing head shoulders knees and toes.


Move the ribbons around to ‘I can sing a rainbow’.


Let your baby track the musical instruments with their eyes and encourage them to grasp the maraca in their little hands.


Dim the lights and enjoy your very own sensory light whilst blowing soft bubbles. 


This is an ideal bag for quality bonding time together whilst encouraging your babies development. 

The Baby Class Sensory Bag includes –

1 x Bag of your choice
1 x Pompom
1 x Sensory scarf
1 x Wooden maraca
1 x Egg shaker
1 x Bells
1 x Ribbons
1 x Bubbles
1 x Sensory light


Please note colours will vary 


Disclaimer - These items are not sold as toys. You should always check items before use. Never leave your baby unattended with items or bag. Do not let your baby put the items in their mouth. Over time wear and tear of items is to be expected. Items should be disposed of if they are broken. Colours of items will vary if you have any specific please get in contact.



    You have the right to return your sensory bag within 21 days of purchace. Please refer to the returns section in store policies. 


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    We aim to send your purchase within 1-3 working days (Monday to Friday) where possible with a maximum of 7 days turnaround. 

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